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About PT Bintang Kutai Motor


PT Bintang Kutai Motor is a company that has been trusted and appointed as an Authorized Mercedes-Benz Dealer for East Kalimantan . Thus our party responsible for sales, service , and spare parts for all Mercedes -Benz products . Since its original stand , PT.Bintang Kutai Motor is a company that has the status of a legal entity or a limited liability company known as PT , which is used as the basis for operational juridical one name is PT Bintang Kutai Motor formally established in February 1989 Legal entity PT accidentally be alternative choices for operational juridical basis for the PT Bintang Kutai Motor was founded by a few people who happen to have experience occupied since the 1970s in the field of public passenger transport .

Based on common goals and experiences that have been held , then in line with the time and opportunity as well as the globalization of markets that can be worked on so that agrees to conduct the verification effort transport as one of the divisions inherent in this company . Thus , activities in developing its own transport by air- effort variables include employee bus transportation , tourism , etc. . , Logistics and transport trucks for rental vehicles lighter unit . Bus transportation job ever obtained among other services guests during the inauguration of PT Badak LNG plant , which was inaugurated by the father of President Suharto in Bontang , as well as the inauguration of Kaltim Fertilizer plant was inaugurated by the father of President Suharto in Bontang . Transport employees / crew chance HUFFCO Indonesia , PT Medco Indonesia also transport employees of PT Kaltim Prima Coal . Then the work of logistics include transportation of food distribution to food ingredients Food PT Pangansari Utama, and many other companies . As for rental vehicles including a light unit is on lease by PT Kaltim Prima Coal .


Business Location

Since the initial establishment of PT Bintang Kutai Motor in running the operational activities of its business is in the city of Balikpapan which located in JL. Soekarno-Hatta Km 2.5 Balikpapan, zip code 76126. This is deliberately decided because at that time the company considers that the need to access a wide road and not at the center of the city with the location in accordance with the conditions of the business as well as running the office as a place of administration. Office PT Bintang Kutai Motor also has a parking area that is relatively broad.

Organizational Structure

As for the organizational design of PT.Bintang Kutai Motor enough compound, to meet the standards of Mercedes-Benz. Transport division of the company to look at the operations of the company activity is quite complex. So for some activities need to be done in one section and each section is directly responsible to the executive manager. Broadly speaking part will affiliated the parent structure.

Service points

Developments in the world in the automotive industry is increasingly fierce competition in terms of technology, design and functionality. Inspired by the above realities and long-term outlook for the future, PT.Bintang Kutai Motor build a solid strategy in sales and after-sales service
The increasing numbers of services demand and Mercedes-Benz client, especially in Borneo region, has encouraged PT Bintang Kutai Motor to open two other service points:
1. PT Bintang Kutai Motor - Balikpapan - East Borneo
2. PT Bintang Barito Motor - Banjarmasin - South Borneo

The Human Touch

In providing world-class customer service that builds loyalty, it is the soft touch that makes the difference. Our customers grow with us throughout the years and we are delighted to have repeated purchases. With good Customer Relationship Management programme, our loyal customers are always appreciated with firsthand irresistible promotion and exclusive invitations to events.

Only at PT Bintang Kutai Motor, we will provide you No Substitute for Experience. For you, we will deliver above expectations.